Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Important Agency Information

Having Nursing come into your home for extended shifts can be overwhelming.  We understand the facts on the ground…it is likely you are under a lot of stress, you are required to have a service no one wants, and as part of that your family must adapt to having strangers in your home.  Experience has shown that information can reduce anxieties.  Please read on to learn about Pediatech’s service.

How extensive is Pediatech Nursing staff's experience?

Our founder was Master’s prepared as a Nurse Clinician with 45 years total neonatal and pediatric experience. Her registered nursing experience included over 21 years managing a pediatric home care agency in Minnesota while promoting optimal health for children through leadership, advocacy, and education.  

Pediatech staff is advised by pioneering, retired CRCCS physicians when necessary.  This is atypical and just one of the many strategies Pediatech Nursing uses to deliver the highest quality cares to your special child at home.  We have the clinical tools and human resources to provide the highest level and best training both in the classroom and the home.  This ultimately results in the delivery of the highest quality care available.  Additionally, our Clinical Team’s advanced education and training have given the clinical managers the skills to provide in-depth assessments, interpretation and care planning, as well as treatment for acutely, chronically and critically ill children.

What kind of license does Pediatech Nursing maintain?

Pediatech Nursing maintains a Minnesota Comprehensive Home Care License.  This is the most advanced license available to agencies.  A comprehensive license allows Pediatech to provide the most complex levels of care in the familiarity and comfort of your home. 

Ongoing nursing is expensive. How do we make sense of the State/County/Other programs and clarify our options?

The last thing you need to be concerned about is money while learning to accept strangers into your home.  Sadly, most agencies do not have the expertise to help you understand the MANY ways you can secure nursing.  At Pediatech, we have the experience and expertise to help you understand your options, and how to bring clarity to a confusing, intimidating labyrinth of choices.  Our navigation service is complimentary, and designed to empower you with knowledge and reduce your stress. 

Are all nurses CPR and, tracheostomy, and ventilator trained?

All nurses are required to maintain certification in American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR. Pediatech nurses receive extensive education and orientation. Classroom education, written training materials, and one-to-one mentoring in patient homes combine to ensure they are appropriately prepared to provide excellent care. Ventilator training is provided through a local pediatric DME company.

Does the agency conduct background checks?

Definitely. To maintain the safety of our patients, background, criminal, and credential checks are completed before a nurse works in any patient home. The mandatory state background check is completed through the Minnesota Department of Health NetStudy 2.0 system, which includes finger printing against a database.

Does the agency have a patient/family Bill of Rights?

Yes. The Bill of Rights will be reviewed with you at the beginning of home care services and annually by the clinical management nurse. A copy of the Bill of Rights is available on the website under the “” tab.

Is the agency available 24/7 for all cases to guide care and answer questions?

Yes. Our nurses operate with full clinical support and supervision to ensure delivery of the highest quality patient care. We highly value such support for both our nurses and families. At Pediatech Nursing, families and nursing staff are never alone with 24/7 on-call nurse support.

Can a caregiver take my child to the doctor or to school?

Pediatech nurses can accompany patients to physician appointments, school, and other venues, but they may not provide transportation with their own vehicle or a patient family vehicle. Nurses will work with parents, teachers, school administrators and others to develop a family-specific transportation plan.

We live in the country; how far are you willing to travel?

Although our office is located in Minnetonka, we will travel to any area in Minnesota where a patient lives and hire nurses specifically in the area.  Note:  Depending on nursing necessity, your circumstances, and your child’s diagnosis nursing availability may be the most important factor to consider when choosing an area to settle.  A more populated area means more nurses nearby.

What kind of physician-level guidance is available to agency management?

The agency complies with the standards of the Minnesota Department of Health, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) with particular attention to the areas of safety, infection control and quality of care.  During the Covid-19 pandemic we followed the guidelines released by MDH and the CDC.  We check guidelines daily and adjust our policy and procedure accordingly.  Additionally, we intermittently consult with our Medical Director, Stephen Kurachek, and Dr. Bill Wheeler – the founders of and original partners at CRCCS – to interpret guidelines and handle specific situations where solutions are not cut and dry, and to evaluate policy.  It is a great advantage to our patients and families to have an on-call physician for our Clinical Management Team.   The on-call medical expertise and guidance available to our management is not matched by any agency in the state.

How do I courteously make my preferences known?

At case opening, part of the initial discussion and paperwork will include your family/home preferences.  Your home, your rules, and Pediatech Staff understand and respect that.  We believe taking your preferences into account is a key part of any in-home service.  

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