Join Our Team

Pediatech Nursing is hiring compassionate, dedicated RNs and LPNs who have a calling to care for the most fragile Pediatric Patients.  Clinical and Administrative Office positions ARE available.

Ready To Change a Family’s Life?

For nursing professionals, a position in extended-hour home care allows you the opportunity to provide holistic nursing care to each child.  In addition to administering medications and providing skilled cares and treatments, you support each patient with therapies, developmental activities and play, assisting during family -oriented experiences, and providing nurturing in complement to the child’s family members.  This is a unique industry, with unique opportunities, and gives you unique tools and skills.   

Our Mission

Pediatech Nursing’s philosophy is to embrace and encourage an organizational culture that emphasizes the welfare and safety of the child first, while rewarding employee excellence and prudently managing agency assets.

Make an Impact

Gain valuable experience and be part of the solution to the growing problem of staffing shortages in home care.  

Company Culture

Pediatech is family owned, and the Pediatric Home Care business has been a family affair since the model was invented.  We’re not about that stuffy, buttoned up corporate atmosphere, but furthering an organization that values people as individuals be they employees or patients.  

Open Positions

Clinical Management

Pediatech Nursing is expanding our ability to care for a diverse group of patients.  Clinical management positions are available.  Apply Now!


Pediatech Nursing is trying to fill two administrative positions at this time.  We are looking for an administrative/clinical coordinator, and we’re looking for a skilled recruitment professional.  


Our industry is in the middle of a very difficult nursing shortage.  While Pediatech realizes this reality, we are always looking for new nurses to join our team.  Please apply online or give us a call at 952-500-8050.  

Perks & Benefits


Competitive Salary

Pediatech offers competitive nurse wages and above average management salaries.


Upward Mobility

As Pediatech Nursing expands, our menu of open positions expands.  At Pediatech Nursing there is upward mobility for those prepared to demonstrate loyalty and dedication to the patients and organization.  


Company Parties

Alright, not really.  Pediatech has more of a family culture, and it is from that posture that we approach group celebrations.


Complex Hospital Level Training

At Pediatech, you will gain experience working with the most complex pediatric patients.  Thanks to physician and general medical and technology innovation this level of skill can be learned in the patient home.  


Health & Dental

Pediatech Nursing offers a comprehensive set of benefits to employees.  Benefits include health, dental, and a whole slew of fringe benefits like life insurance.

Paid Vacation (PTO) 80 Hours Starting

Targeted Bonuses

For certain position, there are bonus incentives available.  Generous, Sizeable sign-on bonuses are available to new FT Nurses!

New Grads Welcome!

New grads are welcome at Pediatech.  Some agencies require X years of experience, but at Pediatech we find value in the energy and drive demonstrated by new grads, and we see the value in the tabula rasa!