Technology & Touch

Pediatech Nursing provides hourly RN and LPN services to Medically-Fragile children in their homes.  All nurses receive extensive classroom and in-home, patient specific orientation.  Our specialized care teams provide the highest quality care to your child.  Complex Needs? Our specialty. Diverse diagnoses, complex medical needs, and highly technical equipment can all be managed in the comfort of the child’s home.

Compassionate, carefully screened, and experienced nurses provide pediatric-specific health care services. Clinical support and supervision is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to ensure care of the highest quality.  We emphasize training to ensure quality home care services. We provide extensive classroom and in-home orientation for our nursing staff.

Physician Preferred Home Care Services

Experienced Management

Our team of trained, highly experienced managers have decades of pediatric complex home care service delivery.  This experience is largely unmatched in the greater Peds Extended Hour Community.  Pediatech is proud to say that most members of our management team trained under industry pioneer and clinically excellent Larraine O’Malley, who co-founded the agency. 

From navigating complex, interwoven state and county programs and other community services available you, to providing direct care, Pediatech management has the expertise and experience to do it all.  We walk beside you every step of the way.  It is agency policy to put the client’s well-being first, before staff and even the agency itself.

Having proper guidance at the ready for Navigating the complex and often unclear resources available to families is not something that develops naturally, and needs to be part of an overall strategy that empowers, rather than confuses, families.  At Pediatech, we have the community experience and knowledge to help you navigate these resources.  This is an oft overlooked part of what agencies should be able to help you with.  Too frequently we find families inquiring for care are struggling to make sense of bits of information they have received from multiple sources encountered as they have made their way through the care system.


Family Centered-Care

Experience has shown that children benefit most from highly skilled nursing care that combines technology with a supportive hands-on approach.  We aim to help children in our care flourish using the unsurpassed combination of technology and touch.  Our goal is to complement your nurturing involvement and bonding so your child can thrive within the family circle, at school, and beyond.  

Additionally, our nurse managers are available 24/7 to assist and supervise those nurses caring for your child.  Your family or nursing staff in your home are NEVER alone, but rather, are constantly supported by an organization that believes in education, clinical experience, accountable management, and compassion. 


Patient Home Care Bill of Rights

Every patient family will be introduced to the home care bill of rights.  As a home care patient in Minnesota, you have rights.  It is important for you to understand these rights and be familiar with them, and to that end, we make the most current version of the HCBOR available for download right here on our home page.

Personalized Care Plans

Our team of trained caregivers brings experience, compassion, and a genuine commitment to implementing the care plan approved by your ordering physician.  The plan of care not only contains the frequency of service, but addresses all of your child’s medical and developmental needs.   To the right is blank example of the CMS-485 plan of care that is used for all patients. 

Sample: 485 Plan of Care

Experience the Pediatech Difference

With years of serving the complex pediatric home care community under our belt, and the support of pioneering physicians, Pediatech Nursing is best-poised to provide care in the difficult environment that is simply a post-pandemic reality.  We believe in being up front about the nursing shortage, and staffing challenges it creates.       

Why Choose Pediatech Nursing?

Experience isn’t everything, but its what matters most when selecting an agency to care for your child’s medical needs.  Here are a few of the reasons to choose Pediatech Nursing.


Compassionate and Skilled Staff


Tailored Care Plan For Your Child


Industry Pioneering M.D. Oversight and Guidance


Safe and Comfortable Environment


Family Involvement. We complement your nurturing participation in care.

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We understand the unique challenges that medically fragile children and their families face, which is why we are dedicated to offering exceptional services tailored to your individual needs.

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