Clinical expertise is verified and supported through ongoing education and skills checks. Thorough screening of all nurses includes criminal, reference, and background checks.  Additionally, Pediatech Nursing has the most competent nurse management and 24/7 support team available.  Your child deserves the absolute best care, and we have put the right people in place to provide it.  Please see below for details on our support team.

Director of Clinical Services and Physician Medical Director 

  • Maria Dewey, DNP, APRN, CPNP oversees and manages agency clinical operations day to day as the Director of Clinical Services.
  • She is responsible for the development of agency-wide programs, policies, and procedures, as well as continuous quality improvement in conjunction with Dr. Stephen Kurachek.
  • Maria carefully oversees and trains RN nurse managers making sure they are confident, competent, and have honed the skills necessary to manage any situation that may arise in the home.
  • Not only does Maria have 23 years of experience as a nurse specialist managing the most complex children at home, but as a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, and Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner she has the highest level of nursing education available today.  Pediatech Nursing is committed to putting the most competent medical personnel in charge of the care we provide for your children.
  • Pediatech Nursing is proud to introduce Medical Director Dr. Stephen Kurachek.  He is co-founder of Children’s Respiratory and Critical Care Specialists and specializes in multiple areas.  Dr. Kurachek is board certified in pediatrics, critical care medicine, and pediatric pulmonology making him competent to know, manage and treat the entire patient, not just one system.  Dr. Kurachek has been diagnosing, treating, and performing highly complex procedures on medically fragile children for over 30 years, and he was part of developing the original home care program in Minnesota.  The protocols he developed are still in use today.  Dr. Kurachek has been providing this care since the beginning of complex home care in Minnesota.  Dr. Kurachek attended Medical School at Duke University, before completing his fellowship at Harvard University.  His experience and education are second to none, and he has been recognized numerous times as a “Top Doctor” in the annual list of the best physicians in the Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine.   In recent years, Dr. Kurachek has worked as the Director of QUALITY for Minneapolis Children’s Hospital.  We hope it provides some comfort to know that an agency with this one of a kind experience and expertise on staff is guiding care coordination.  Quality matters, it’s what every family with a medically fragile needs and deserves.  Pediatech provides that quality care and so much more.  This quality and knowledge also provides great benefit and support to Pediatech Nurses as they provide direct care in the homes.  The nurse in the home is NEVER alone while caring for your child.  Our nurses work with 24/7 clinical support just a phone call away.


Clinical Nurse Manager

  • Coordinates all aspects of patient care in the home
  • Liaison between the family and the health care team
  • Supervises in-home nursing staff
  • Responsible for generating the plan of care in conjunction with the managing physician and/or nurse practitioner.


  • Experienced coordinators of patient and nurse schedule, they prioritize to develop and maintain care schedules that meet each patient’s and family’s needs.
Registered Nurse
  • Provides Direct Care In the Home
Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Provides Direct Care in the Home with 24/7 access and support of a RN.