Clinical expertise is verified and supported through ongoing education and skills checks. Thorough screening of all nurses includes criminal, reference, and background checks.

Director of Clinical Operations

  • Oversees and manages agency clinical operation
  • Responsible for development of agency-wide programs, policies, and procedures, as well as continuous quality improvement.


Clinical Nurse Manager

  • Coordinates all aspects of patient care in the home
  • Liaison between the family and the health care team
  • Supervises in-home nursing staff
  • Responsible for generating the timeline utilized by physicians and payers in planning the level and anticipated length of care

Mentor Nurses

  • Experienced, exceptionally qualified nurses assist during the first 1-2 months with care coordination, addressing family teaching and nurse orientation.


  • Experienced coordinators of patient and nurse schedule, they prioritize to develop and maintain care schedules that meet each patient’s needs.
Registered Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse