Review of Mission and Values

  • To ensure all employees have the same priorities

Homecare Nursing 101

  • Background, home care rules, roles, clinics, medical home

Feeding Tubes

  • Gastrostomy tube changes, feedings, medication administration

Pediatric Pharmacology

  • Common medications in pediatric home care

Medication Calculation

  • Teaching and practice in medication calculations


  • Patient and family privacy and other HIPAA regulations

Infection Control

  • Hand hygiene, spread of infection, prevention and response

Cultural Competency

  • Unique and common cultures seen in Minnesota

Abuse and Neglect

  • Minnesota guidelines and mandatory reporter requirements

Health Care Fraud and Prevention Compliance

  • Federal requirements and monitoring

Minnesota Home Care Regulations

  • Required training for all MN home care staff

Pediatric Anatomy and Physiology

  • Respiratory, neurologic, GI, GU, dermatology highlights

Childhood Skin Problems

  • Overview of 13 common skin problems in pediatrics

Physical Assessment

  • Education and tips for pediatric assessments for children with special needs

Tracheostomy Tubes

  • Tube types, site care, ties, trach nose, suction and trach changes

Respiratory Equipment Management

  • Oxygen, oximeter, apnea monitor, suctions, nebs, vest

Suctioning and Trach Change Practice

  • Practice on dolls in preparation for in-home orientation

Resources Available to Field Staff

  • Review of resources available to in-home staff

Mechanical Ventilation Overview

  • Overview of types and terms in preparation for DME classes

Central Lines and Ports Overview

  • Overview of types and concepts in preparation for infusion classes

Growth Charts

  • Process for plotting measurements and interpretation

Emergency Preparedness

  • Preparation for medical, natural disasters and manmade emergencies

Incident Reports and Sentinel Events

  • Incidents, sentinel events  and documentation

Hospice Collaboration and DNR

  • Overview of palliative care and DNR order/processes

485 and Supplemental Orders

  • The  Plan of Care form and process for taking and recording new orders


  • Pediatech Nursing forms and process to meet all required documentation standards

Review of Patient History and Diagnosis

  • New staff are given a chance to review their patient’s chart and obtain diagnosis specific resources

Personnel Policies and Benefits

  • Review of Human Resources Handbook and Policies

Scheduling and Staffing

  • Creation of first schedule as well as review of guidelines from the staffing/scheduling department in preparation for the first in-home orientation