Larraine O’Malley RN

How Children Flourish: Pediatech Nursing’s Unique Approach to Home Care

  1. Experience has shown that children benefit most from highly skilled nursing care that combines advanced technology with a supportive hands-on approach. Our goals are to help the children in our care flourish using the unsurpassed combination of technology and touch, and to complement your nurturing involvement and bonding to help your child thrive within the family setting, at school, and beyond.


  1. Experience isn’t everything, but it’s what counts most when selecting an agency to provide home care for your child. I have focused on nursing care exclusively for the pediatric community for over 25 years.


  1. Our strong commitment to nurturing family involvement and bonding helps children thrive within the family circle, at school, and beyond.


  1. Pediatech Nursing’s philosophy is to put the interests of our clients before our employees or the agency itself. The highest level of quality nursing services will always go to each and every child to whom we provide care.